India Grid for Learning (IGfL)

India Grid for Learning (IGfL) is India’s first educational marketplace and Identity Access Management System (IAM) that allows educational institutions to access federated/curated content and educational technology providers through one simple application. The IGfL passport application also provides new providers the platform to come on board and access the educational marketplace in India.

IGfL aims to simplify the complex world of interoperability in educational institutions to create seamless teaching and learning experiences for learners, educators, and parents. The IGfL is a highly secure, education-centric, end-to-end integrated and scalable platform that is modular, customizable, neutral and multi-tenant. IGfL is a complete educational ecosystem available to institutions across India providing educational technology, content and other resources at affordable costs.

    For educational institutions, the IGfL platform:

  • Enables effective management of user credentials and manages all user credentials through a single interface
  • Highly secure and curated access mechanism with very granular search algorithms based on multiple parameters
  • Enables access control and the management of remote users
  • Enables the provisioning of web services to unlimited user groups or roles
  • Has built-in usage reporting for more effective monitoring and management of all web-enabled services
  • Includes subscription and license management for your institution’s web-enabled software
  • Encourages BYOD (“Bring Your Own Device”) initiatives as more students, faculty, and staff use personal devices and services on premise
  • Via its unique, integrated, enterprise Marketplace, enables bulk trial, purchase, seamless provision and use of best-of-breed web-enabled, educational resources from around the world covering all of your subject and administration needs.


Gain More Time For Teaching And Learning

No longer do students and teachers need to remember 25+ passwords and waste at least 5 minutes per lesson recovering lost passwords and accessing web services.

Global SSO Expertise With Educators And Students

Powered by SSO pioneer EduTone and their decade of hands-on safe and secure SSO and identity management work supporting schools and colleges around the world.

The Most SSO Services Available For Education

300+ SSO “Connectors” enable Single Sign-On to existing web-based subscriptions. The Marketplace enables free trials and instant setup of new services for institutions easier than ever.